A teenage girl named Nthabiseng Matlou is currently going viral after she posted these controversial photos on Facebook to celebrate her birthday.

Her facebook profile says she graduated from Shegong secondary school, which seem not to be true that she has graduated because as of September 5th she posted some photos of herself wearing school uniform with her boyfriend cuddling her.

Here is how she captioned some of her her photos below:-

Since is my birthday today…I’ve decided to show off some of my skin. Because I was born naked — feeling thankful.

Caption: Life is too short to be wearing long things  feeling in love.

Nthibla…mathibla……nthizlii….nthabeigh…nthabogile…ra feleletsa ka nthabiseng    feeling silly at University of limpopo(galito’s)

Her viral posts now have over 4,000 shares, 10,000 likes and 13,000 comments, more digging was done into her facebook profile and according to her profile she already has a boyfriend and replaces him with her best friend anytime he is away.

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