THAT ATTACK ON MAZI NNAMDI KANU’S HOUSE – By Uche Macanthony (Graphic Images)


– I want you all to read it with graveyard stillness and rapt attention.

A few hours ago, the news broke that the home of our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu was under attack; expectedly, some elements went about on a binge of celebration on social media. Most of these were Northerners, some were of the Yoruba extraction and sprinkling of voices from the East. Then came the explanation of the Army: they were only on “a show of force” around MNK street.

While I was still on this, another post came on: Shehu Garba had announced that Nigeria’s presidency was not going to restructure Nigeria. According to Garba what Nigerians need was food on their table. I noticed that just about the same people who cheered at the Nigeria Army’s show of force around our Leader’s house also cheered Mallam Shehu Garba on.

These goings-on had forced a reappraisal of the human essence of some who lay claim to the Nigeria citizenship. That it could be imaginable that some would cheer the kind of barbaric siege going on in our land in the 21st century shows how far behind many in Nigeria are from genuine humanity, that anyone would rejoice at a perceivable attempt on the life of a man who was speaking the mind of millions of people in a polity shows the level of disdain to which those he represents are held in that polity; and this is why I can not bathe an eyelid before stating that any Easterner, especially the Igbo who is rejoicing at the siege on our land and this virtual attempt on the life of our leader must examine himself or herself for bestial genes.

Unfortunately for such, those behind the siege do not have a list of their surrogates in the East; they may of course, have a very limited list of their top dogs. In the end however, none of us, including their puppets is reckoned beyond despicable and disposable slaves. When Othman Dan Fodio began his invasion in 1884, the Hausa masses were persuaded into believing that their problems were their kings, and that once they join Dan Fodio’s army to dethrone them they would enter a season of endless peace and prosperity; but no sooner had they helped in the destruction of their own kingdom did they realized that they had actually handed over themselves and their posterity to perpetual slavery.

Today, the Hausas are eternal slaves in their own lands! A Hausa young man lamented to me a few months ago that in their purely Hausa village in Kano, they can’t even have a Hausa village head. So those who are rejoicing and cheering today because the lords of the manor have rolled out their tanks against our people must realize that none is spared in the execution of the unfolding agenda…but there is a God who reigns and rules in the kingdom of men; once His people of old were besieged by an Assyrian king just as we are today and it appeared there was no way out for them, but He roared from above and the mere sound of the feet of a few lepers routed battalions of heavily armed soldiers. In an interview a few days ago our leader reiterated his Faith (our faith in this God); of course sceptics would laugh this off; let’s watch it Pharoah and his army of magicians and soldiers laughed Moses off!

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